Wednesday 7th November : 500 robocops shatter themselves out destroying five barricades which are immediately rebuilt !

That makes three weeks that the Anarcho-Autonomous Extremes-My-Ass that grow lots of real vegetables without chemicals and make tree houses resist the agressions and ravages provoked by a warlike capitalist invader .

This morning, around eight the walkie-talkies warn us of the coming of around twenty trucks full of cops seen in Fay-de-Bretagne headed towards the north barricades.

Just as they arrive, they spread quickly and give a speed version of the three official warnings of the use of force before barging through the first barricade, heads down, and immediately taking it.

The tear gas is accompanied by the explosions of concussion grenades.

Fifteen marine blue trucks, DDE vehicules and bulldozers line up along the length of the D281, a testimony to the weight of the repressive machine put in place by the prefect of the Loire-Atlantique.

The second barricade falls, Cesar's legions push forward around fifty metres with every charge. Little by little, they arrive at the level of Sabot's path in the midst of thick smoke.

The number of police continues to mount during the full length of the attack, finally making a compact wall of at least one hundred and fifty cops.

The zadists and sympathisers that are in front of them are less numerous and above all much less well equipped. Everyone has the idea of defending the Far-Ouest and to save it from the destructions inflicted on the ZAD for more than twenty days by Vinci's guard dogs and their loyal AGO.

The shots of rubber bullets are limited by the continued presence of many journalists who can testify at every moment to police violence. The cops want to hurt us without witnesses and one of our comrades is aimed at and shot in the leg just under the knee-cap.

The helmeted degenerates don't hesitate to shoot numerous jets of tear gas over our shoulders. A few canisters fall directly on our heads. Many concussion grenades explode close to us.

Many times the atmosphere becomes unbreathable due to the gas. Protected by the thick smoke screen, the terrorist forces of the socio-facist state continue their progression along the road.
A the level of the Chevrerie path, the cops take a new barricade thanks to their sophisticated warrior equipment and superior numbers, forcing the zadists and sympathisers to retreat behind a new barricade near the Far Ouest house. The police helicopter comes near, but a flare is shot in its direction and it turns around and goes back where it came from.

After three hours of continuous charges, the cops take precarious control of the route to allow the DDE collaborators to refill the holes in the tarmac and take away what's left of the barricades with the help of an excavator in the trucks brought for this purpose.
Except that... It's a convoy of cops, of riot cops and machines parked along a road bordered by three metre hedges and small dense woodland. The pigs have have no visibility of what is happening around them. Hidden in the shrubs, the comrades transformed in guerillas hassle them with stones, paint eggs, glass bottles, fire crackers, all along the length of the convoy from north to south.

The DDE collaborators and the work machines just avoid the bottles thrown in the street, and the cops supposed to protect them react too late, blindly bombarding a field with tear gas, attacking just corn and moles.

These invertebrates even leave, at the end of the convoy, a vehicle of the Loire-Atlantique officials without protection, thinking that there won't be anyone there. But the comrades stream out of the bushes, smash a window with an empty bottle and disappear in the second that follows.

What follows is a surreal face off in a field next to the D281 next to Far-Ouest. One of our comrades dressed as a Gaule starts to mock the police lined up along the edge of the field like bowling pins :

'Go and tell Rome that its empire stops here !'
'I don't want to kill you but I need your skulls to drink beer from !'
'I kissed my wife this morning and ate human flesh, I'm strong and ready to die !'
'Beyond this limit (the little Gaule in top form plunges his sword into the ground) I can't guarantee your security !'

With the background song of a clarinet and the rhythm of the battucada, the cops gas themselves like dicks many times and are laughed at and insulted. A picnic is organised in the field opposite the pigs. A few start sunbathing. The face off lasts until 2pm, marking the departure of the repressive forces of the socio-fascist state.

This demon-cratic harrassment against the inhabitants of 2000 hectares of land that makes up the ZAD has only servd to reinforce our determination and convictions.

The Prime Sinister Jean-Marc Ayrault continues pushing his megalomaniac project, more concerned with satisfying the voracious appetite of Vinci's share holders rather than putting a political service in place for the well-being of everyone.

This last attack on the ZAD mounts the absurdity of an entire system, that stalls, threatened by the successive accumulation of fuck ups that it has created itself.

The resistance to this absurd aeroport project and the total destruction of the ZAD before concreting is not about to stop.

Following the path of total repression, the state, by the scandalous actions of destruction of our living places, throws into the eyes of the public opinion, that questions more and more the foundations of this operation Cesar, a disgusting, lamentable and unjustifiable spectacle.

At the time of global warming, of the Fukushima catastrophe and the devastating management of the economic crisis left in the hands solely of speculative financial interests, nothing could justify a police operation this disproportionate in order to realise an industrial and commercial project which is obsolete before they have even started working on it.
In Athens, in Barcelona, in Notre-Dame-des-Landes like elsewhere, we refuse to leave our lives in the hands of a criminal and sociopathic oligarchy.

The socio-facists practise the politics of the burned land in our homes, blinded by the only flame that animates them. That of the protection of capital interests and of big private companies like Vinci now that all of Europe is covered by an unprecedented social, ecological and political crisis.

The big pseudo-ecological debates of the socio-green alliance don't at all change the electoral masquerade of may which finished in a new pink-green political monster after years of sarkozism just as destructive and harmful. A monster that destroys everything in front of our eyes.

The summary of the day stays, after all, quite modest for the robocops and their citylike vision, the riot police : five barricades destroyed in almost six hours... an almost unbelievable police presence for a result close to zero. New barricades blossom in the same places as the old ones and all along the road which has been blocked for the last five days.

Its is out of the question to let an irresponsible oligarchy make desicions for us any longer. What is good for Vinci's shareholders is not good for us.

We want to grow vegetables, learn to pass through the oppressive system and search for an autonomy which will free us.

Resistance continues to grow across the ZAD thanks to the solidarity in place, actions against the PS and Vinci, the citizen's initiatives for diverse forms of civil disobediance and the numerous presence of new comrades on the barricades and for the beginnings of reconstruction.

Every day new people either join the struggle or come and offer us moral support.

We want a rich life, not a life of riches.

Capitalism is dying, let's help it !

Vinci get out!

The inhabitants of the ZAD

All the information and even more is on the ZAD website : Zone A Défendre - Tritons crété-e-s contre béton armé.